Extracts from the book by Jon Macdonald.

Dedicated to the release of every man, woman and child from suffering.





You always have one choice.

To open to me, or not.

Whichever you choose

you are always




The suffering you see across the world

is a reflection of a billion thoughts.

Recognise that thoughts are empty.

Gift your intent to love instead.

End all suffering.



There is an intent.

It moves every moment.

Through silence and dance.

Unseen and seeing everything.

Untouched and touching everyone.

Feel this intent

and align with it.

Follow this intent. Let intent steer you. Find strength in this intent.

Find courage in knowing that it is here underneath the

surface of your reality, carrying you.



You look away from suffering.

That of your own, and

of others.

Change this. Turn towards. Look closely.

Keep looking. See how you choose to hurt yourself

over and over again.

See how you seek out people to play the

same game with, again and again.

See what you choose.

You have many lifetimes here

to see this.




You are already in reverence.

To the rules laid down by thoughts

long forgotten.

Choose a difference




Who am I?


I am a spiritual writer, teacher and guide.

My time is dedicated to the change-makers, leaders and social influencers

who aspire to shape humanity.

If life calls us together then it is my role to guide you into being the most magnificent human you can be. It is my role to provide the foundation and strength for you as you step into being your deepest self.

Over the millennia humanity has been formed by the women and men who have played their part in pointing us towards all that we can be and who have each held out their hands calling for others to follow. They have been unrelentless in their pursuit of truth. They have trusted and moved with the flow of the destiny that called them. 

It is a rare individual who makes the step into this alone. 

Do you sense that deep down you are being called to give much more than you dare to believe possible? 

© 2020 Infinity Rising