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Your home is in each and every person's heart...

Jon Macdonald


Jon has explored many spiritual paths over his life and sees the consistent truths that they all point to. He has discovered the secrets behind the nature of our minds and our emotions. He integrates the most powerful gifts from all of this into his straight-forward teachings and guidance. He is passionate about offering every man, woman and child the insights needed to live an inspired life. The foundation for this is seeing clearly what is happening around us and our personal role in creating this. From here we can all step into the majestic beings that we all are. 


He takes lessons from the depths of emptiness and from the riches of fullness. He integrates these into his teachings and guidance for everyone wanting to live an inspired life. His teachings are grounded in the reality of today's modern world with its seemingly never-ending demands and pressures. His practice ground has been his role as a parent to five and his previous career as a board director of a £100bn business. 


His approach assists us all in seeing with clarity how we are conditioned into limiting our belief of who we are. By gracefully step out of this through remembering our most innermost self, we can all move alive and inspired  with integrity, love and courage. 

He was born in Scotland and from an early age was driven to discover the different states and stages of realisation and awakening. This lead him into more than thirty years of dedicated insight meditation, emotional freedom, embodiment and energetic mastery practices.

He has facilitated many meditation and embodiment teachings and events in London and across the UK. These range from one-on-one teachings and more formal teachings for up to a thousand people. 




Insights and guidance

We want to remember our true nature. Our way of being when where we are deeply contented, joyful, fulfilled, and desiring to gift others.

This is here for us all, right now, when we know where to look. All we need is a pointer to help us remember. 

Read Jon's teachings where he provides direct insights and guidance on how to access and embody your timeless and majestic nature. Your truest self. 


The flow of expression 

Words can never quite capture the beauty of our extraordinary life. 


Sometimes they get close.


The mastery and art of the likes of Rumi, Hafiz, Keats, Blake, Wilde, Neruda...


Here are a collection of poems written by Jon over his many years of exploration.


Inspired by the beauty that we all are.



Personal and group meetings 

For those who are inspired to dive deeper into life Jon holds one-to-one sessions, and both public and private events.


Jon's July events are shown below:

  • An Evening of Meditation, Connection and Reflection.



Thursday 18 July

N8, London







I am unfolding into the flowing river of everything and nothing

As it appears now, never and always

I am bathing in the deep stillness as the stars shine through me


Grace holds me in her arms and I hold her

Entwined in our shared embrace, we look up 


The world turns with patient beauty 

Time stops and stillness smiles back

Her tearful gift of eternity


I am falling deeply into the kind collapse of expression with stillness

Love with silence, beauty with death

Already always together


As deep as the universe my heart is presented

Everything is perfectly as it needs to be, as it was, and as it will be 

Released and forever forgiven


The cold rain falls on us as we dance

Smiling, you begin to remember 



The world is an expression of me
It is a dream
The pain I see in the world is a reflection of my beliefs
Change my beliefs ⁣⁣





Wednesday 18th September 2019

N8, London

Come and join this small group where we shall explore what it is to be fully alive, inspired and in truth.

Together we create a space that allows you to feel so much more of who you are and connect far more deeply into your passion, purpose and desires. A calm, open space where you can breathe more fully and listen more closely.

We start with a guided meditation. This will lead us into our teachings and a practical discussion on how we can all live a more inspired life.

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